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Wisdom and Molar Tooth Pain Relief

Wisdom and Molar Teeth Pain

Dental pain associated with teeth in the molar areas can become quite severe. The extreme biting pressures we all have in those areas of the jaw can make any minor symptom become quite severe.

Immediate Pain Medicine
Popular Pain Treatment Remedy
Impacted teeth, complicated root structures that have intertwined with adjacent roots, failed fillings, over-excavated fillings, internal tooth fractures, root fractures.... regardless of the cause.... we all want manageable and immediate relief.

On a emergency basis where a dentist is not immediately available, the best and most productive resource for finding acceptable, temporary relief is your local drug store chain. Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid are probably the most well known.

Popular Brands

  • Ora Gel: Different types - strengths for all ages
  • Red Cross: Fast Toothache Pain Relief
  • Ora Jel Products
  • OraMed: Safe All Herbal Medicine
  • Drug Free Medication Herbs
    Drug Free Herbal Pain Remedy
  • Colgate
  • Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid "House Brands"

Predictable Formulations

Most of the products that contain actual drug products all tend to have similar formulations of particular ingredients, but with variations in how the medication is carried or applied to the affected areas.

Creams, rinses, gels and products that can be applied with swabs provide the best control and localization of application.

Most brands offer separate formulations for children and adults.

One novel product, Kanka Beads, enable the patient to roll the pain relieving beads anywhere in the mouth, providing pain relief wherever needed.

Drug Free Medication Herbs
Popular Pain Remedy

Name Brand versus Generic

As with many drug store products, the "house brands" are often just as effective as nationally known brands, oftentimes having similar formulations.

Some chains, such as Walgreens, may offer pain relief medication choices that exceed other brands.

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