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Veneer Temporaries: Why they are Important

A critical step in having a veneer treatment or a veneer makeover create an outcome that is as perfect as envisioned by the patient is to select the appropriate veneer product, prep the teeth accordingly, perform the technical analysis (occlusal study + diagnostic waxup) necessary for maintaining or optimizing occlusal and bite factors and include the use of temporary veneer try-ins.

Too often, price conscious patients will agree to forego what seems to be perfunctory steps that are actually integral to any multi veneer treatment protocol. Occlusion studies, waxup models and veneer try-ins are too frequently skipped as a means for controlling treatment costs.

The more common errors of veneers popping off, cracking, sliding around, yellowing or turning blue, appearing too fat or bulky, causing sensitivity issues and for some patients, even bleeding gums... can be avoided.

Proper occlusal analysis and, as represented in ths video, gum contouring and reshaping, can produce the beautiful results associated with following the protocol defined by the LVI Rule of Golden Proportions.

Extra attention to detail and careful treatment of the papilla will create a cosmetic result that is natural and defies detection. The failure of the papillary tissue to be maintained often is responsible for patients reporting their veneers look like veneers.

Proper prep, an appropriate veneer thickness and careful conditioning of the papillary arches creates a veneer treatment that defies detection.

This patient is undergoing a veneer treatment for 6 upper teeth. A custom minimum - no prep veneer is being used, thereby eliminating the over preparation of teeth that can commonly cause sensitivity problems.

A Hoya ConBio Versa Wave Laser is used to do the detail work of final prep of the gingiva and especially the papillary tissue on each arch during and after the gum contouring.

Video footage provided by Dr. James Sanderson

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