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Frenum Surgery: Connective Tissue Modification

WARNING - VERY GRAPHIC: Frenums that have a high concentration of fibrous connective tissue can interfere with other dental treatments and/or cause unwanted aesthetic effects.

The young high school aged male in this video recently completed orthodontic treatment to address spacing, occlusal and basic alignment needs. Within a short time, however, a new diastema reappeared between his central incisors, caused by an unruly frenum..... NOT the ortho treatment.

A periodontist determined that due to an unusually high concentration of connective tissue, a routine shortening of the frenum alone may not create the enduring result wanted by the patient.

See how minimally invasive laser treatments were used to alter the width and connective characteristics of the patient's frenum. The self cauterizing laser treatments are virtually a pain free experience with tissue healing outcomes and esthetic results that typically surpass results obtained with traditional frenectomies.

Media provided by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

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