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Gummy Smile Botox Treatment Alternative

Gummy smile treatments often focus on reshaping the gingiva that arch over each tooth in the upper jaw. For smiles with uneven gum lines or mild conditions of gingiva hyperplasia, where too much of the tooth is covered by gum tissue, Lasers or scalpal based tissue removal can be the perfect solution.

Some patients have an issue with the upper lip riding up too high.... that exposes more height than desired. A standard periodontal procedure that is popular is Lip Respositioning, whereby certain connective tissues are altered and change the height of lip movement.

A new non-invasive treatment is being made available through plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists that involve targeted injections of Botox into certain areas of the upper lip muscle tissues. The muscles become relaxed and influence the height or upward movement of the upper lip. Patients with Gummy Smiles now have a new alternative for sculpting their smiles. Produced by Fox News.

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