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3M ESPE Premium Bonding vs Opaque

Not all bonding products and treatment protocols are the same. Some patients have composite dental bonding treatments that create superb cosmetic outcomes and function that can mimick the properties of adjacent natural teeth.

Perfect color matching, effects of translucency at the incisal edges (biting edge), color shading across each tooth and shape - size characteristics that seem to compete with Mother Nature.

Contrast this "good bonding experience" with others that patients complain about. Bonding material cracks, chips, has a rough texture, poor color characteristics and essentially "looks" like a fake tooth.

There are reasons for these differences that reflect more upon the products used, techniques employed and a specific protocol for achieving the precise cosmetic outcome desired.

Watch this short video to see, first hand, how premium products and technique do indeed make a difference. Video animation and narrative produced by 3M - ESPE.

Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy MI

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