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Tooth Preparation Choices

Dental veneer fabrication processes have really expanded during the past few years. Davinci porcelain veneers, a traditional, full prep product, became well known as a "makeover treatment" (thanks to TV programming) while Lumineers became quickly established as the No Prep veneer choice.

Newly emerging products including Vivaneers and Nano veneers now provide discriminating patients the choice of having Low Prep or Minimal Prep laminates. This growing number of choices assures greater flexibility in treatment cost and choices in the final cosmetic result.

Prospective veneer dentistry patients are encouraged to investigate all veneer types before making a treatment decision. The use of Diagnostic Waxups and the use of temporary "try-ins" will assure patients of obtaining the best cosmetic outcome ... without unwanted surprises.

  • Smile Design Temps and Gingiva Papilla Tissue Contouring
    Reshape Papilla Perfect Veneer Dentistry The first step in having attractive veneer treatment is to select the right type of veneer with corresponding tooth preparation. Using veneer temps coupled with gingiva and papilla tissue lasing promotes healthy preservation of tissue that can otherwise make veneers look like veneers without a natural appearance. Attention to detail creates a cosmetic result that can defy detection. Footage provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • No Prep Veneers: Non Invasive Dentistry
    Reshape Papilla Perfect Veneer Dentistry Early fabrications of no prep veneers proved to be bulky, unnatural in appearance and were quickly replaced by patients who could afford it. Today's no prep or minimal prep veneers have different fabrication methods and now rival the original all porcelain veneers that typically require substantial tooth modification. Footage provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Vivaneer No Prep VeneersNon Invasive Porcelain Veneer Treatment Choice
    The Vivaneer non invasive no prep veneer product is a proven product choice for patients seeking multi unit smile makeovers or selective tooth reshaping and resurfacing needs without the invasive tooth preparation associated with standard porcelain veneers. Watch this 4 minute video to see the surface preparation, etching process and bonding process with proprietary products and recommended instruments that make smile makeovers a popular treatment choice. Video content produced by Glidewell Laboratories.

  • Vivaneer No Prep VeneersVeneers and Ortho for Shifting Teeth
    Vivaneers can be combined with traditional ortho treatments to create normal bite function and desireable cosmetic values in an accelerated format. Dr Michael DiTollo demonstrates the steps and uses of contemporary technologies to overcome a long standing shifting teeth condition for an adult patient. Video content produced by Glidewell Laboratories.

  • Vivaneer No Prep VeneersVeneers for Lost Gum Tissue
    Specialized veneer products can also be used to overcome the cosmetic issues of gum tissue loss that can be common after successful treatment for periodontitis. Dr Michael DiTollo provides another creative use of veneers a patient's smile. Video content produced by Glidewell Laboratories.

  • Porcelain Veneer Bonding: Etching - Cementation
    Porcelain Veneer Etching Cementation A four (4) minute film clip demonstrating the final process of placing porcelain veneer laminates on six (6) upper anterior teeth. This procedure demonstration begins immediately after the removal of veneer temporaries. Individual tooth structures have already been altered for the new veneer products. Watch the use of etching products and the tooth by tooth cementation and placement process. A proprietary curing light is used also optimize the bonding process. Provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Lumineers No Prep Porcelain Veneer Treatment Choice
    Lumineers No Prep Veneers Lumineers are a popular choice for patients seeking non invasive no prep veneer treatments for creating new smiles. Micro thin shell veneer technology enables dentists to provide the reshaping and resurfacing effects people want but without the typical tooth preparation required by traditional veneers. Video content produced by Lumineers.

  • Complex Porcelain Veneer Removal
    Porcelain Veneer Etching Cementation A four (4) minute wide screen film clip showing the procedures used for removing worn down multiple veneers that were used for a full mouth makeover performed 20 years ago. Clip starts off with Gingival Recontouring of the anterior teeth, to prepare a harmonized appearance of new veneers. Bonding strength of the old veneer products was significant, requiring the use of special diamond edged burrs to gently remove all old ceramic material. A new full mouth makeover was achieved by using all new feldspathic veneer products for the upper and lower arches.

    Material provided by Dr. James Sanderson

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