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Teeth Whitening and Bleaching Product Videos

  • Too Much Bleaching Causes Irreversible Damage
    Enamel Root Damage Dr Manny of Fox TV News interviews teeth whitening dentist Dr Linda Himmerberger about the dangers and potential damage that can occur to our teeth from too much teeth whitening. Tooth enamel characteristics can change for some patients. Implications for patients with gum disease are discussed, highlighting the physical changes that can occur to tooth roots. Material and video produced through Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • Home Whitening Kits: The Risks
    Dangerous Whitening Gels Dr Manny of Fox TV News reviews the safety and risk issues of using do it yourself bleaching gels and other compounds in home teeth whitening kits. Tooth enamel and soft tissues can sometimes be affected or compromised to the extent that extra treatment may be needed. Other conditions can even be irreversible. Prolonged exposure to strong oxidizing agents is a considerable risk in teeth bleaching. Material and video produced through Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • Whitening Products: Which are Best or Recommended?
    Which teeth whitening products are best? Are they any different? Can I get the same results using at home kits as I can with a product or service provided by a dentist? These questions and more are discussed, along with an explanation of how different types of whitening procedures work differently. Learn important tips to protect against new sensitivity problems. Material and video produced through Dr Jennifer Jablow and Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • Power ZoomZoom Teeth Whitening
    Zoom, probably the most well known smile brightening product available, has upgraded their technologies and created another formulation of their patented whitening gel product that maintains their lead in teeth whitening results. Video footage produced by Discus Dental and Zoom.

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