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Sinus Surgery Procedure Videos

  • Advancements in Sinus Lift Surgery
    Sinus Lift Grafting Osseous Technologies of America has created specialized instrumentation that enables dentists, implant specialists, periodontists and oral surgeons to perform sinus lift surgery with convenience and accuracy. Less invasive and requiring less surgery time, augmentation of the sinus floor is achieved with precision. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy MI.

  • Sinus Lift Capsule Technology in Sinus Floor Grafting Surgery
    Sinus Lift An animated representation of the specialized capsule that can be incorporated into Sinus Lift surgery, developed by Osseous Technologies of America that can promote optimal treatment success for dentists and surgeons. Minimally invasive with custom instrumentation. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy MI.

  • Sinus Lift Surgery - Right Quadrant
    Sinus Cavity Lift Bone Grafting Edited for graphic content and time constraints, this media segment outlines the process and procedures for performing a Sinus Lift surgery. See actual surgery sequences involved for performing sinus lift surgery that is accompanied by the insertion of bone grafting material as needed to fortify a dental implant site. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Sinus Lift and Grafting Surgery (Left Quadrant)
    Sinus Surgery Multimedia Clip Edited for graphic content and timeline, this segment outlines the surgical procedure used after tooth extraction in the Left Maxillary Quadrant. See how a sinus cavity or sinus lift procedure is performed in an actual surgery setting. Presentation provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

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