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Periodontal Procedure Videos

  • Periodontal Disease Alternative Treatment Three presentations for dental patients demonstrating some of the latest choices in Minimally Invasive treatments for treating and controlling Periodontitis.

  • Perio Laser Oral Surgery Alternative for Tooth Extraction
    Minimally invasive laser extraction A GRAPHIC live surgery demonstration of how minimally invasive Periodontal Laser Dentistry was used to replace old fashioned oral surgery procedures to remove a broken, fractured tooth structure. Gentle lasing eliminated the need to reflect a flap of gum tissue that typifiies many difficult extractions. Patient discomfort was virtually nil.... the need for pain management medications was minimal. See how invasive surgical instruments can be avoided in today's modern dentistry.

  • Jaw Bone Cyst Removal and Rehabilitation Prevents Tooth Loss
    Cyst Removal Surgery Bone cysts, when identified, should be removed to assure that bone, root and connective tissues are not compromised. In this case, an Odontogenic - Keratocyst (very aggressive) type of cyst was diagnosed via biopsy. A combination of minimally invasive technologies assured prompt removal of all affected tissues with a minimum of discomfort for the patient.

  • Periodontitis Intervention -Bone Loss Rehabilitation
    Puros Allograft Ossix Membrane Surgery WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC - Live Surgery involving mutliple extractions, creation of a Perio Flap to expose the bone ridge and suturing is displayed. A daring film clip designed to provide a visual outline of the surgical sequences used for treating advanced periodontal disease that includes multiple tooth extractions and bone grafting treatment. Puros Allograft is applied as needed in compromised bone areas. Temporary - provisional implants (IPI) are placed in healthy bone to accommodate a temporary prosthesis while bone grafts heal. An Ossix membrane is also sutured into two locations for maintaining successful bone regeneration.

  • Tori Removal - Upper Jaw
    Exostosis - Tori Removal Surgery Tori (also known as exostosis) is essentially a benign growth of bone that can develop along the sides of the jaw bones as well as on the tongue side of the lower jaw. These bone growths can be the body's way of responding to abnormally high biting pressures. The tissue is usually very thin and can become easily ulcerated from certain foods. See how periodontal tissue ablating procedures remove the unwanted tissue and how bone graft products help to refortify healthy bone. Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

  • Frenectomy: Laser Treatment for Tongue Tied Condition
    Tongue Frenectomy Surgery WARNING - This video is GRAPHIC - Watch how a laser is used to remove connective tissue on the underside of a tongue that has historically limited movement of the tongue and has caused speech problems. Pain and discomfort is minimal for this surgery, which typically can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

    Media provided by Dr. Ira Koeppel of Long Island NY.

  • Recurrent Diastemas: Modified Fibrous Frenum Lasing
    Diastema Teeth Gap Cure Frenums that have a high concentration of fibrous connective tissue can interfere with other dental treatments and/or cause unwanted aesthetic effects. The young high school aged male in this video recently completed orthodontic treatment to address spacing, occlusal and basic alignment needs. Within a short time, however, a new diastema reappeared between his central incisors, caused by an unruly frenum..... NOT the ortho treatment. Provided by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island (St James) NY.

  • Growing New Gums
    Tunnel Graft Procedure Periodontal tunneling is a popular and effective grafting procedure to augment or replenish lost or compromised gums. See how the gingival tissues are prepared for tunneling and the actual process of moving the graft material through the tunnel into precise locations. A proprietary suturing technique is used to create the normal snug fit for each anterior tooth while simultaneously raising the gum line higher, thereby reversing the appearance of a minor receding gum line. Video footage provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS, Long Island, NY.

  • Cytoplast Grafting Products: Live Surgery Demonstration
    Bone graftig membrane suturing WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC - Cytoplast grafting products are used in treating two upper jaw anterior extraction sites that had significant bone and tissue loss. See how extraction sites are prepared for grafting procedures. Pulverized graft material is mixed and packed into extraction sites. A graft membrane is sutured into place to complete treatment and provide an optimized environment for successful hard and soft tissue regeneration. Video sequences produced by Cytoplast.

  • Minimally Invasive Gum Recontouring
    Gum Recontouring Lasers Dental lasers are commonly used by skilled dentists for performing gum tissue reshaping and recontouring. Compared to other techniques, dental lasers offer the security of being minimally invasive, requiring a minimum of topical anesthesia. Suturing is eliminated. Lased tissue is self - cauterizing and can be altered with precision. Watch this 2 minute video that represents a gum reshaping procedure for the upper jaw. Multimedia file provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Lip Sore - Hematoma Removal via Minimally Invasive Laser Tissue Therapy
    Tissue Lasing A live tissue lasing treatment session for complete ablation (removal) of a capillary hemangioma on the lower lip of a female patient. Minimally invasive therapy that eliminates the need for scalpals and suturing. Multimedia file provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Orthodontic Fibroma Lesion Removal - Surgery Alternative
    Lesion Removal Orthodontic braces sometimes can cause the growth of Friboma. Left untreated they can become unmanageable. Watch a live lesion removal procedure performed with minimally invasive Erbium laser technology. Watch the steps taken to isolate the lesion and the steps taken to gently remove the entire mass. Traditional surgery involving the use of scalpels and suturing was avoided. Pain and discomfort were a non-issue for the patient. Listen for her reaction at the completion of treatment. Provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Orthodontic Cuspid Uncovering - Non Surgical Laser Alternative
    ortho tooth uncovering Orthodontic treatment frequently requires specialized procedures to "pull down" one or more tooth structures. In this treatment example, an impacted cuspid is treated via laser treatments to expose the tooth structure that will enable the mounting of an ortho bracket to begin the process. Non surgical lasing eliminated the need for invasive tissue surgery and suturing. Provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Gum Disease: An Anatomy
    Gum Disease Anatomy An animation clip outlining causes and stages of gum disease. Learn about pocket formation and the reasons for securing treatment. Produced by PerioChip, a product line that provides alternatives to traditional periodontal disease treatment.

  • Treatment of the Periodontal Pocket
    Perio pocket depth An animated film clip describing periodontal pocket formation, measurement of pocket depth and traditional scaling and root planing (for pockets exceeding 5mm). Animation graphics demonstrate the measuring and scaling procedures. Produced by PerioChip, a product line that provides treatment alternatives to traditional periodontal disease treatment.

  • Immediate Load (Same Day) Surgery
    Zero Bone Loss Extraction Watch a live surgery showing the extraction of a broken anterior tooth that was immediately followed up with an immediate load implant. Proprietary tooth extraction instruments eliminated the loss of significant bone material, thereby not requiring a bone graft procedure.

  • Bone Compaction for Weak Jawbone Mass
    Bone Compaction Ridge Expansion A multimedia outline of how ridge splitting and bone compaction instruments alter the integrity of jawbone material as it is being prepared for dental implants. Practiced by only a few accomplished implantologists nationwide, bone compaction can assure implant success for patients who have had a history of compromised jawbone mass. Implants for this patient (live surgery) were placed on upper and lower jaws. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Sinus Lift Surgery
    Sinus Cavity Lift Bone Grafting Edited for graphic content and time constraints, this media segment outlines the process and procedures for performing a Sinus Lift surgery. See actual surgery sequences involved for performing sinus lift surgery that is accompanied by the insertion of bone grafting material as needed to fortify a dental implant site. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Sinus Lift and Grafting Surgery
    Sinus Surgery Multimedia Clip Edited for graphic content and timeline, this segment outlines the surgical procedure used after tooth extraction in the Left Maxillary Quadrant. See how a sinus cavity or sinus lift procedure is performed in an actual surgery setting. Presentation provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

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