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  • No Drill Dentistry for Kids
    No Pain No Medication Dentistry Advancements in dental laser technologiess now enable some pediatric dentists to provide routine cavity treatment that eliminates the need for traditional dental drills and even the use of medications. Comfortable laser treatments eliminate the anxiety commonly produced by the sounds and vibrations of dental drills. Dr. Manny of Fox News interviews a dentist and some patients. Produced by the Fox TV News Network.

  • Pediatric Do's and Dont's
    Parent Education Tips Educational video that covers popular and important topics in pediatric dentistry. Learn what pediatric specialists say about forming good oral health habits (food choices and brushing) in children, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry for kids, tips about too much toothpaste and mouthrinses. Material and video produced through Dr Timothy McCabe and Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • TMJ Migraine Headaches in Children
    Childrens Migraine Cure Many people don't know that children can get migraine headaches just like adults which become quite disruptive in a child's every day activities. Bioesthetic dentistry is demonstrated in this video to be a sensible approach for diagnosing the root cause of pediatric migraine symptoms (totally missed by medical professionals) which led to the development of a successful treatment plan that eliminated symptoms and the need for medications. Original footage produced by Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry.

  • Pediatric Cavities: Implications for Adult Teeth
    Children Cavities Increasing Recent studies have show that aries and cavities in young children are increasing at a fast rate which has important implications for the formation of normal adult teeth, overall dentition, bite and occlusion. Early cavities that cause teeth to rot and fall too early affects normal teeth development. Tips about food choices and oral health habits. Material and video produced through Dr Nancy Sniderman and MSNBC TV News Network.

  • Restorative Dentistry - For KIDS ONLY
    Kids Dental Video Unusual, novel video content developed by 3M that uses children to communicate basic concepts about restorative choices in dentistry. Educational for chldren and adults... and certainly entertaining. Learn more about the 3M product line.

    Originally developed and published by 3M Company

  • Dental Sealants
    Tooth Sealant Basics A 4 minute animation video discussing the basic principles of protection against the "elements" and how dental sealants are used to protect against the effects of sugary foods, caries and cavity production. Suitable for children to view. Published by www.arkansas.gov

  • Laser Frenectomy: Tongue Tied Condition
    Frenectomy Surgery WARNING - This video is GRAPHIC - Watch how a laser is used to remove connective tissue on the underside of a tongue that has historically limited movement of the tongue and has caused speech problems. Pain and discomfort is minimal for this surgery, which typically can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Media provided by Dr. Ira Koeppel of Long Island NY.

  • Pediatric Dental Sedation
    Conscious Sedation for Kids A live demonstration of how children can be provided sedation support services to make routine or special dental treatments easy to manage. Relaxing for the child ... relaxing for the parents. Medications are taken orally while specialized monitoring equipment tracks vital signs and indicates the best time to begin treatment. Nitrous oxide is provided at chairside to assure a fully comfortable experience. Video footage provided by James Sanderson, DMD

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