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  • Orthognathic Surgery AND Cosmetic Dentistry: A Testimonial
    Jaw Surgery Orthognathic While orthognathic surgery and orthodontic brace treatments go pretty much hand in hand... that doesn't always mean that everything turns out just right. Listen to a testimonial of a young woman who had several tmj, occlusal, alignment and aesthetic issues with what mother nature provided her and how she combined Cosmetic Dentistry with Orthognathic surgery to get what she wanted.Material provided by Dr. James Sanderson

  • Orthodontic White Spot Treatment
    Teeth Enamel White Spots MI Paste product demo video that outlines the process of demineralization of tooth enamel, a common occurence for many patients who discover ugly white spots on their teeth caused by ortho brace pads. Plaque and bacteria build up causes a shift in Ph balance which can lead to a loss of calcium and phosphate, otherwise known as Demineralization. Learn the details of cause, effect and treatment options to better control or get rid of white spots. Video footage created by GCAmerica.

  • Incognito Braces
    3M Unitek Incognito Incoginito, a lingual orthodontics technology company owned by 3M - Unitek, provides discriminating patients with orthodontic alignment and/or malocclusion treatment needs for obtaining the needed corrections required for normal occlusion without the appearance of what may patients feel are "ugly metal braces."

  • 3M Unitek Self Ligating Braces
    3M Unitek Ortho Appliances Demonstration video that outlines the advantages of using the 3M Smart Clip self ligating brace appliances that can accelerate treatment time and reduce the need for routine follow up visits and readjustments performed by the orthodontist. Easier to keep clean, for maintaining optimal tissue health. Recommended viewing for all patients, young and old, who are candidates for traditional orthodontic teeth straightening. Video footage created by 3M Unitek. Material provided through Edward Leventhal, DDS, Baltimore, MD

  • SureSmile Orthodontics
    Mini Dental Implants Intralock Demonstration video that explains the concepts behind orthodontic treatments provided through the use of SureSmile, an innovative technology that has advanced the availability of treatment choices and assures orthodontic correction and realignment in time frames typically not available before. Video footage created by SureSmile.

  • Damon System
    Teeth straightening alternative that promotes non extraction orthodontics. The combination of passive self-ligating braces (no ties or tightening), hybrid memory wires and a proven treatment paradigm creates desired results with fewer adjustments in less time. Video footage created by Damon Braces. Material provided through Edward Leventhal, DDS, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Invisalign - Teen
    Invisalign for Teenagers Invisalign now has a hybrid design of their flagship cosmetic teeth alignment clear brace system that is specifically designed for teenagers. Young adults now have an increased range of treatment choices for teeth straightening procedures. Video footage created by Channel 13 WHAM in Rochester NY.

  • Invisalign Orthodontics
    Mini Dental Implants Intralock Demonstration video that discusses the benefits of the renowned Invisalign teeth straightening technologies. Many teenagers, young adults and older adults prefer the clear aligners approach to creating the smiles they want without being required to undergo traditional orthodontics. Comfortable, convenient and affordable orthodontic treatment choices. Video footage created by Invisalign.

  • Orthodontic Fibroma Lesion Removal - Surgery Alternative
    Lesion Removal Orthodontic braces sometimes can cause the growth of Friboma. Left untreated they can become unmanageable. Watch a live lesion removal procedure performed with minimally invasive Erbium laser technology. Watch the steps taken to isolate the lesion and the steps taken to gently remove the entire mass. Traditional surgery involving the use of scalpels and suturing was avoided. Pain and discomfort were a non-issue for the patient. Listen for her reaction at the completion of treatment. Provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Lingual Braces by iBraces
    Lingual Orthodontic Braces Demonstration video that discusses the principles of an alternate form and choice of invisible orthodontic treatment. Specialized bracing materials and treatment on the lingual surfaces of the teeth create the desired results without having the appearance of metal braces. Video footage created by iBraces - Lingual Care, a 3M Company.

  • Myobrace: Alternative to Traditional Orthodontic Braces
    Myobrace Icon Myobrace, an Australian based orthodontic teeth straightening system, uses unique combinations of technologies to treat a wide variety of orthodontic issues without the use of traditional wires, brackets and pads. Learn how teeth straightening can be completed without the experiences of pain, discomfort or telltale staining of dental enamel due to prolonged use of ortho brackets and pads. Video footage created by Myobrace and MRC.

  • Orthodontic Cuspid Uncovering - Non Surgical Laser Alternative
    ortho tooth uncovering Orthodontic treatment frequently requires specialized procedures to "pull down" one or more tooth structures. In this treatment example, an impacted cuspid is treated via laser treatments to expose the tooth structure that will enable the mounting of an ortho bracket to begin the process. Non surgical lasing eliminated the need for invasive tissue surgery and suturing. Provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

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