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Minimally - Non Invasive Dentistry Videos

  • Vivaneer No Prep VeneersNon Invasive Porcelain Veneer Treatment Choices
    The Vivaneer non invasive no prep veneer product is a proven product choice for patients seeking multi unit smile makeovers or selective tooth reshaping and resurfacing needs without the invasive tooth preparation associated with standard porcelain veneers. Manufactured by Glidewell Labs, Vivaneers possess cosmetic and restorative qualities that easily compete with other nationally known brands of no prep veneer products as seen on television. Watch this 4 minute video to see the surface preparation, etching process and bonding process with proprietary products and recommended instruments that make smile makeovers a popular treatment choice. Video content produced by Glidewell Laboratories.

    Material provided through Dr. Edward Leventhal, Baltimore Maryland.

  • PerioLase Minimally Invasive LaserNon Invasive Periodontal Disease Treatment
    The PerioLaseTM from Millennium Dental Technologies is a specialized Nd:YAG (Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser with the unique features necessary to perform a variety of soft tissue procedures. Click here to watch a video animation of how the PerioLase treatment is performed.

  • Minimally Invasive Tooth Extractions
    No Jaw Bone Loss Extractions A live clip showing the use of minimally invasive atraumatic tooth extraction instruments that eliminate or minimize the usual bone loss that can occur with traditional tooth extractions. Watch basic pre-extraction procedures that include a small pilot hole and preliminary severing of ligaments. Extraction occurs literally within seconds. Recommended viewing for prospective implant patients.

  • Minimally Invasive Cavity Treatment
    Painless Laser Cavity Detection A complete procedure of a single tooth cavity (caries) treatment.... from start to finish. This presentation effectively demonstrates the use of an Erbium Laser, cavity detection dye and a burring handpiece to excavate decayed material, prepare bonding surfaces and complete the filling procedure. A curing lamp is also demonstrated. Media provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Minimally Invasive Gum Recontouring
    Gum Recontouring Lasers Dental lasers are commonly used by skilled dentists for performing gum tissue reshaping and recontouring. Compared to other techniques, dental lasers offer the security of being minimally invasive, requiring a minimum of topical anesthesia. Suturing is eliminated. Lased tissue is self - cauterizing and can be altered with precision. Watch this 2 minute video that represents a gum reshaping procedure for the upper jaw. Multimedia file provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Lip Sore - Hematoma Removal via Minimally Invasive Laser Tissue Therapy
    Tissue Lasing A live tissue lasing treatment session for complete ablation (removal) of a capillary hemangioma on the lower lip of a female patient. Minimally invasive therapy that eliminates the need for scalpals and suturing. Multimedia file provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Orthodontic Fibroma Lesion Removal - Surgery Alternative
    Lesion Removal Orthodontic braces sometimes can cause the growth of Friboma. Left untreated they can become unmanageable. Watch a live lesion removal procedure performed with minimally invasive Erbium laser technology. Watch the steps taken to isolate the lesion and the steps taken to gently remove the entire mass. Traditional surgery involving the use of scalpels and suturing was avoided. Pain and discomfort were a non-issue for the patient. Listen for her reaction at the completion of treatment. Provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Orthodontic Cuspid Uncovering - Non Surgical Laser Alternative
    ortho tooth uncovering Orthodontic treatment frequently requires specialized procedures to "pull down" one or more tooth structures. In this treatment example, an impacted cuspid is treated via laser treatments to expose the tooth structure that will enable the mounting of an ortho bracket to begin the process. Non surgical lasing eliminated the need for invasive tissue surgery and suturing. Provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

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