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Jawbone Rehabilitation Grafting Procedure Videos

Ridge Splitting Bone Grafts

  • Manual Ridge Splitting Graft Procedure
    Bone Compaction Ridge Expansion A multimedia outline of how ridge splitting and bone compaction instruments enhance the integrity of jawbone material as it is being prepared for dental implants. Practiced by only a few accomplished implantologists nationwide, bone compaction can assure implant success for patients who have had a history of compromised jawbone mass. Implants for this patient (live surgery) were placed on upper and lower jaws. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Ridge Splitting for Thin Jawbone
    Maxillary Bony Ridge Split GRAPHIC - About a 2 minute video demonstrating how specialized instruments are used to augment and create new width and substance to thinning jawbones. The bony ridge is carefully split to accommodate precision sized implants and then fortified with bone graft material that quickly generates new healthy bone that is fully integrated with the patient's jawbone and the implant devices. Video footage created by Andrew Kelly, DDS of Clemmons, NC

  • Periodontitis Intervention - Bony Ridge Rehabilitation
    Puros Allograft Ossix Membrane Surgery WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC - Live Surgery involving mutliple extractions, creation of a Perio Flap to expose the bone ridge and suturing is displayed. A daring film clip designed to provide a visual outline of the surgical sequences used for treating advanced periodontal disease that includes multiple tooth extractions and bone grafting treatment. Puros Allograft is applied as needed in compromised bone areas. Temporary - provisional implants (IPI) are placed in healthy bone to accommodate a temporary prosthesis while bone grafts heal. An Ossix membrane is also sutured into two locations for maintaining successful bone regeneration.

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