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Gingiva Tissue Contouring Videos

  • Gum Tissue Shaping and Recontouring
    Gum Recontouring Lasers Dental lasers are commonly used by skilled dentists for performing gum tissue reshaping and recontouring. Compared to other techniques, dental lasers offer the security of being minimally invasive, requiring a minimum of topical anesthesia. Suturing is eliminated. Lased tissue is self - cauterizing and can be altered with precision. Watch this 2 minute video that represents a gum reshaping procedure for the upper jaw. Multimedia file provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Gummy Smile Tissue Recontouring
    Gum Reshaping Laser Female patient undergoing treatment for replacing old worn out veneers has a gummy smile appearance on her left maxillary arch. NdYAG laser technology is used to safely and accurately trim unwanted gingiva while preserving critical tissue structures that will promote the healthy regrowth of papilla over the margins of her new veneers.

  • Gingiva Papilla Tissue Contouring
    Reshape Papilla Perfect Veneer Dentistry See how extra attention to detail and careful laser treatment of the papilla during a diagnostic waxup and temporary veneer try-ins used for a smile makeover that follows the Rules of Golden Proportions. A cosmetic result that is natural and defies detection. The failure of the papillary tissue to be maintained often is responsible for patients reporting their veneers look like veneers. Footage provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Gingivectomy - Gingiva Contouring with the Zap Laser
    Zap Dental Laser Non invasive laser technology is becoming a prefered treatment method for many cosmetic dentists who seek to create aesthetic proportionality of gum tissues with little or no discomfort. See how Zap Laser equipment efficently trims gingival tissues on a complete upper arch. Precision lasing tips preserve the appearance and natural occurence of papilla that is oftentimes difficult to maintain with other gingivectomy methods. Video footage created by Zap Laser, Inc.

  • Gummy Smile Treatment Alternative: Botox© Injections
    Botox Gummy Photos Plastic surgeons and now cosmetic restorative dentists are providing Botox injections to control or influence movement of the upper lip. Targeted injections relax the muscles so only a predetermined amount of gum tissue is exposed while smiling. Video produced by Fox News.

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