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Fixed Bridge One Day Teeth Replacement Videos

  • Convert Standard Denture to Palateless Denture

    No Palate Dentures Acrylic denture products are often used as a provisional prosthetic when undergoing treatments for implant supported fixed bridgework. See how a common acrylic immediate denture is modified, by hand, into a palateless denture for an upper arch tooth replacement treatment. Video sequences provided by Ira Koeppel, DDS, Long Island (East Setauket), NY

  • Cantilevered Implant Bridge

    Cantilevered Implant Bridge PhotoCantilevered implant bridgework can be the perfect solution to replacing multiple teeth where implant sites are limited. See how titanium bridge frameworks are made to create a longer arch of teeth that extend beyond the implant devices. In this treatment plan example 5 tightly integrated anterior implants in the mandible are used to support a 10 unit porcelain bridge as a treatment choice for periodontitis conditions that caused significant bone and tissue loss. Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan MI

  • Cantilevered Bridge Case 2

    Cantilevered Bridge PhotoCantilevering bridge infrastructures allows wide bridge design that can incorporate a longer span of functional teeth that is impossible to achieve with an ordinary bridge. Placement of implants are strategic and require sound bone. In this treatment example a 10 unit bridge was used to provide bite and occlusion dynamics a denture wearer had not had for many years. Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan MI

  • Implant Supported Full Arch Reconstruction: Bridge In A Day

    Fixed bridge implant surgery Implant supported bridgework is the procedure of choice when considering multi tooth replacement solutions. Watch a VERY GRAPHIC 7+ minute video showing the removal of a failed cemented bridge caused by decay and destruction of anchor teeth. All tissue replacement grafting procedures and placement of immediate function implants enabled the patient to have her entire entire upper arch reconstructed in one treatment session. Sedation support services were provided to assure patient comfort throughout the treatment. Video sequences provided by Ira Koeppel, DDS and Edward Brant, DDS, Long Island (East Setauket), NY

  • The Marius Bridge: Edentulous Treatment Animation

    Animated Edentulous Surgery Procedure Animated film clip demonstrating the procedural sequence for The Marius Bridge tooth replacement prosthesis for an edentulous maxilla, developed by Yvan Fortin DMD of Quebec Canada. See clip below for real life example of successful treatment for a female patient.

  • Marius Bridge Treatment Example

    Edentulous Jaw Reconstruction Actual treatment example using The Marius Bridge. Specially created for upper edentulous jaw reconstruction by Yvan Fortin DMD of Quebec Canada, this denture treatment alternative utilizes proprietary technology for creating tooth replacement choices that offer the rock solid stability of an implant supported prosthesis while enabling patients to remove the prosthesis for routine cleaning or entire replacement.

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