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Tooth Extraction Videos

  • Minimally Invasive Tooth Extractions vs Oral Surgery
    Minimally invasive laser extraction For dentists and specialists who have made the investments in advanced technologies, even tooth extractions no longer have to be removed invasively. See how a periodontist removes connective tissues and periodontal ligaments with a Dental Laser with virtually no perception of discomfort. Due to multiple fractures of the tooth.... the difficult removal was achieved without the conventional need of creating a perio flap and exposing the bone.

  • Easy X-TRAC System: Animation Tooth Extraction - Preventing Extraction Related Bone Loss
    Extracting Teeth An animated demonstration of the Easy X-TRAC System that now provides dentists and dental specialists the ability to extract teeth with no bone loss, no tilting or twisting movements and, subsequently, no post-traumatic swelling. Additional benefits may include the the avoidance of needed bone restoration (grafting) and healing time of soft tissue. The technology enables many patients to receive immediate implantation after extractions. Produced by A-Titan Instruments.

  • Molar (Wisdom Teeth) Extractions
    Tooth Removal Edited for graphic content and timeline, this segment outlines the surgical procedure used for extractracting two molars (including wisdom tooth) in the lower jaw. Warning: VERY GRAPHIC. See how molars are extracted after connective tissue attached to tooth roots is severed and appropriate pain management medications are administered for each both extraction sites Presentation provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Mandibular Jaw Edentulation: Noninvasive Tooth Removal
    No Bone Loss Noninvasive Extractions An EXTREMELY GRAPHIC video showing rapid, minimally invasive protocols for removing 8 teeth on a lower jaw... in less than 5 minutes. Strict adherance to extraction protocols developed in Europe enable extractions that appear to be almost effortless and least traumatic for the patient. Destruction of jawbone during extractions is eliminated and minimizes need for bone grafting.

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