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Root Canal Therapy

This directory outlines a variety of videos that demonstrate the basic treatment conditions and options for root canal treatments. Crown versus no crown and the new laser based root canal treatment protocol that all but eliminates the assumption that all root canals are painful.
  • Laser Root Canals: Painless Dentistry
    No Pain Root Canals Biolase, a leader in the development of dental lasers, released a new laser instrument package that now enables dentists and endodontists to perform Root Canal Therapy with laser technology that eliminates physical contact with tooth structures. Dr Bill Dorfman of Extreme Makeover fame provides an outline of the conditions leading to the need for root canal treatments and shows how the laser procedures have no physical contact with tooth and tissue structures. The RCT treatment session is essentially a painless experience.

  • Standard Root Canal (with Crown): Animated Outline
    Standard RCT Procedure The basic disease elements that commonly require root canal therapy are explained. The process of preparing the affected tooth for treatment is demonstrated, along with the use of special instruments and products to seal the tooth in preparation for a dental crown that serves to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth after treatment.

  • Closeup View: Laser Root Canals
    Painless RCT Procedure An animated closeup representation of how the new laser instruments developed for Root Canal Therapy (RCT) are used. Minimally invasive, the laser tip does not come in contact with the tooth structure. Gentle, virtually painless removal of damaged enamel and inner tissues (root and nerve tissue) is rapid and thorough, compared to the outdated use of rotary files that use abrasion. No more broken root canal files left behind.

  • No Crown Root Canal
    RCT Without Crown Not all root canals require a new porcelain or gold crown to seal off the treated tooth. Direct Pulp Capping enables the dentist or endodontist to seal off the immediate treatment area with plastic membrane to ward off bacteria. This assumes that pulp tissue is healthy and does not require removal. Tooth colored composite resin material is used to fill in the remaining void in the upper tooth structure which completes the seal.

  • Root Canal Therapy Demonstration
    Root Canal Endodontist Video A short animated video demonstrating the basic principles of root canal treatments. See how specialized files are used to treat root structures that are no longer stable. Depending on the size of the tooth, location and characteristics of the root structure, the dentist or endodontist will use a series of specially designed files to remove unwanted tissues. Files may be motorized with a special handpiece or may be used manually, depending upon the unique characteristics of the tooth needing treatment. Material provided through Ara Nazarian, DDS, Troy Michigan

  • Treatment Option for Failed Root Canals
    Bad Root Canal Implants Failed root canals can often be retreated successfully. Depending upon the location of the tooth and overall health of the remaining tooth structure, it may be prudent to replace a root canal failure tooth with a new implant tooth. Watch a live surgery showing the removal of multiple failed root canaled teeth with preparation to replace them with implants. Bone grafting products are used to fill the extraction sockets with new regenerated bone that will later be used to support new implants. Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY

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