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Dental Implant Procedure Videos

  • Nobel Biocare Product Demonstrations
    Nobel Biocare Technology A visual outline of the some of the most popular and pervasive dental implant technologies being used around the world, produced by Nobel Biocare. Frequently referred to as the Gold Standard of Implant Dentistry products, Nobel developed and patented the All On Four implant surgery protocol, that incorporates many CAD/CAM engineering concepts and instrumentation that helps dentists achieve near text-book treatment outcomes. Video footage provided through Dr. Chris McFarland and Dr. Marie Schweinebraten of Atlanta GA

  • Full Mouth Extractions and Implants: One Appointment
    Same Day Teeth Full mouth reconstruction that incorporates extractions, bone grafts, ridge splitting, placement of immediate load implants and a full mouth of temporary prosthetic teeth can all take place in one day... one appointment. With the right combinations of technologies and surgical procedures patients can avoid being without teeth. Footage provided by Ara Nazarian, DDS, Troy MI.

  • Implants or Dentures or Bridgework???
    Bicon Implant Dentistry Animated video provides a visual outline of the different types of tooth replacement options and procedures for replacing a single tooth or several teeth. Comparisons are made with popular choices. Recommended viewing for patients still in the process of evaluating which treatment options are best, in terms of cost, endurance, comfort, cosmetics and function. Video footage produced by Bicon Implants.

  • Implants Gone Bad: Removal Procedure
    How to Remove Dental Implants Specialized implants exist for a variety of tissue health conditions that promote the highest degree of osseointegration and biocompatibility for any given tissue area. Short implants, long implants, tapered implants, barrel type, etc. Abutment devices also add more degrees of customization. In this video, short, low profile implants failed in the rear-most (posterior) areas of the jaw. See how dental implants are safely removed without compromising tissue health so future implant replacements can be successful. Video material provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS of Long Island NY

  • Implant Bio-incompatabilty: Proprietary Prevention
    Prevent Implant Failure Dental implant surgeries and bone grafting, like other procedures in dentistry can fail for a variety of reasons. With implant and or bone graft surgeries however, a product or procedure that is "allowed" to completely fail can be devastating. See how proprietary methods of forecasting a risk of failure due to incompatiability enables a Periodontist to swap technologies that eliminate the issue. Video material provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS of Long Island NY

  • Guided Surgery for Laser-Lok Implants
    Laser-Lok Surgery Guide Live surgery showing the use of BioHorizon's guided implant surgery technologies. The need for a traditional Perio Flap is completely eliminated through the use of a proprietary instrument that removes a minimum of periodontal tissue. This minimally invasive feature reduces or eliminates the need for additonal soft tissue grafting and sutures... thereby accelerating overall healing time. Video footage created by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Implants for Missing Canines - Bicuspids
    Congenital Missing Canine New Teeth Missing canines and missing bicuspids are really not all that uncommon. They represent two of the most common birth defects that occur in dentition. Orthodontic movement of teeth is one option for treatment as is a Maryland bridge product. Dental implants however are the only products that stimulate and preserve jawbone in exactly the same fashion that Mother Nature does with natural teeth. See how congenitally missing teeth are prepared for modern dental implants. Created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

  • Diagnosing Healthy Osseointegration: Implant Loading
    Assessing Best Osseointegration Implant failures are commonly caused by osseointegration failures that can be attributed to one or several complicating factors. Technologies do exist however for dentists, surgeons, periodontists and implantologists to objectively measure the amount and rate of osseointegration which is critical for determining when an implant should be loaded with the restoration crown(s) or prosthesis. Watch a animated clip demonstrating the Ostell Mentor device. Utilizing Resonance Frequency Pulses, it provides technical data that can have a dramatic impact on treatment success.

  • Advanced Osseointegration Diagnosis: Implant Loading
    New Improved technology Ostell's newest technology advancement that removes the guesswork for determining how well osseointegration has progressed and when final loading of restorations should occur. No more manual tapping of implant devices. Watch a animated clip demonstrating the Ostell ISQ instrument.

  • Easy X-TRAC System: Animation Video Extraction Technology - Preventing Extraction Related Bone Loss
    No Bone Loss No Grafting An animated demonstration of the Easy X-TRAC System that now provides dentists and dental specialists the ability to extract teeth with no bone loss, no tilting or twisting movements and, subsequently, no post-traumatic swelling. Additional benefits may include the the avoidance of needed bone restoration (grafting) and healing time of soft tissue. The technology enables many patients to receive immediate implantation after extractions (see other videos). Animation footage created by A-Titan Instruments.

  • Implant Site Preparation - Eliminating Bone Loss Associated with Extractions
    No Jaw Bone Loss Extractions A live clip showing the use of minimally invasive atraumatic tooth extraction instruments that eliminate or minimize the usual bone loss that can occur with traditional tooth extractions. Watch basic pre-extraction procedures that include a small pilot hole and preliminary severing of ligaments. Extraction occurs literally within seconds. Recommended viewing for prospective implant patients.

  • Bone Graft Surgery - Puros Allograft
    Puros Allograft Ossix Membrane Surgery WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC - Live Surgery involving mutliple extractions, creation of a Perio Flap to expose the bone ridge and suturing is displayed. A daring film clip designed to create a visual outline of the surgical sequences followed in a typical extraction and bone grafting treatment. Puros Allograft is applied as needed in compromised bone areas. Temporary - provisional implants (IPI) are placed in healthy bone to accommodate a temporary prosthesis while bone grafts heal. An Ossix membrane is also sutured into two locations for maintaining successful bone regeneration.

  • Traditional Implant Surgery and Placement
    Standard Perio Flap Dental Implant Procedures A condensed live surgery (Extremely GRAPHIC) clip showing the placement of 4 maxillary dental implants for a female patient employing traditional perio flap periodontal procedures for accommodating standard implant devices. Viewing time approximately 5 minutes. Recommended viewing for patients considering multiple implant surgeries in the upper jawbone. Media provided by Dr. James Sanderson and Dr. Holt Gray of Birmingham Alabama.

  • Immediate Load (Same Day) Surgery
    Zero Bone Loss Extraction Watch a live surgery showing the extraction of a broken anterior tooth that was immediately followed up with an immediate load implant. Proprietary tooth extraction instruments eliminated the loss of significant bone material, thereby not requiring a bone graft procedure.

  • Immediate Implant Temporary Crown
    Making Temporary Crowns Many implant patients are faced with the prospect of having missing teeth or even being edentulous from just a few days to a few months. Watch a short demonstration of the creation of a temporary crown for a Nobel Biocare Immediate Load Implant.

  • Implants for Bridgework: Full Arch Reconstruction
    Fixed bridge implant surgery Implants are a popular choice for supporting bridgework. Watch a VERY GRAPHIC 7+ minute video showing the removal of a failed cemented bridge caused by decay and destruction of anchor teeth. All tissue replacement grafting procedures and placement of immediate function implants enabled the patient to have her entire entire upper arch reconstructed in one treatment session. Sedation support services were provided to assure patient comfort throughout the treatment. Video sequences provided by Ira Koeppel, DDS and Edward Brant, DDS, Long Island (East Setauket), NY

  • Bone Compaction for Weak Jawbone Mass
    Bone Compaction Ridge Expansion A multimedia outline of how ridge splitting and bone compaction instruments alter the integrity of jawbone material as it is being prepared for dental implants. Practiced by only a few accomplished implantologists nationwide, bone compaction can assure implant success for patients who have had a history of compromised jawbone mass. Implants for this patient (live surgery) were placed on upper and lower jaws. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • NobelActive Implant Surgery Demonstration
    Minimizing Bone Grafting A VERY GRAPHIC 4 minute video clip demonstrating the use of a unique dental implant device that, by virtue of design, compacts the surrounding bone tissue as the implant is inserted. (Watch video of traditional bone expanders here). A shorter self-drilling implant, well suited for sinus cavity concerns or other site preparations where implant depth cannot be liberal. See use of traditional surgery guide, Perio Flap surgery (GRAPHIC), bone augmentation materials (bone grafts), suturing and temporary restoration placements for 2 maxillary teeth. Multimedia produced by Nobel Biocare.

  • Zimmer Implant Surgery Demo
    Zimmer One Piece Implant Animated video that provides a step by step visual outline of the steps taken for placing 3 One Piece proprietary implants developed by Zimmer dental. See how sequential drilling is implemented to eliminate or minimize hard tissue loss while the implant site is prepared for a specific diameter implant. Implant surgery begins with the assumption that implant sites are replete with healthy bone (assumed bone grafting has been completed). Recommended viewing for patients considering dental implants. Created and produced by Zimmer Dental.

  • Sinus Lift Surgery
    Sinus Cavity Lift Bone Grafting Edited for graphic content and time constraints, this media segment outlines the process and procedures for performing a Sinus Lift surgery. See actual surgery sequences involved for performing sinus lift surgery that is accompanied by the insertion of bone grafting material as needed to fortify a dental implant site. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Live Surgery: 6 Imtec Mini Implant Placements in Upper (Maxillary) Jaw
    Imtec MDI Mini Implant Upper Jaw Surgery The presentation provides a sequenced demonstration of Mini Implant placements with the Imtec product line. A total of 6 implants are placed in the upper jaw, intended for upper denture anchoring. Edited for time and graphics, the entire treatment was provided in one, non-stop treatment session. Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • Patient Testimonial: 6 Imtec Mini Implant Placements in Upper (Maxillary) Jaw
    Imtec MDI Mini Implant Testimonial This short patient interview and testimonial refers to the surgery performed in the multimedia presentation immediately above. The patient succinctly describes brief details of the surgery, length of time involved, pain and discomfort issues and the total number of implants that were placed, in preparation for implant supported dentures. Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • Snap In Dentures - Uppers and Lowers: They just "Pop!"
    Imtec Snap In Denture This "snappy" presentation shows a live interview with a patient who was fitted with Imtec MDI mini implants on the upper and lower jaw (maxilla and mandible) and demonstrates how he places and removes his new dentures. A man of few words, the patient briefly describes the "feeling" of using Snap In Dentures.Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Sirona Galileos 3 Dimensional Imaging Process
    Galileos Imaging Cone Beam imaging is proving to be a popular choice for dentists seeking accurate and detailed scans used in many oral surgery and implant dentistry procedures. Current three dimensional cone beam devices include ICat and Galileos, featured here.

  • NobelGuides - Teeth In An Hour
    A short demonstration of an actual Teeth-in-an-Hour implant surgery. Watch how 4 dental implants are placed in the lower jaw using the advanced technologies of implant surgery templates for achieving precision accuracy of placement. Multimedia clip provided by Dr. James Sanderson.

  • The Marius Bridge: Edentulous Treatment Animation
    Animated Edentulous Surgery Procedure Animated film clip demonstrating the procedural sequence for The Marius Bridge tooth replacement prosthesis for an edentulous maxilla, developed by Yvan Fortin DMD of Quebec Canada. See clip below for real life example of successful treatment for a female patient.

  • The Marius Bridge: Treatment Example for Edentulous Maxilla
    Edentulous Jaw Reconstruction Actual treatment example using The Marius Bridge. Specially created for upper edentulous jaw reconstruction by Yvan Fortin DMD of Quebec Canada, this denture treatment alternative utilizes proprietary technology for creating tooth replacement choices that offer the rock solid stability of an implant supported prosthesis while enabling patients to remove the prosthesis for routine cleaning or entire replacement.

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