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Bone Graft Alternatives - Adjunct Videos

  • Ridge Splitting - Bone Compression for Weak Jawbone Mass
    Bone Compression Ridge Expansion A multimedia outline of how ridge splitting and bone compression instruments alter the integrity of jawbone material as it is being prepared for dental implants. Practiced by only a few accomplished implantologists nationwide, bone compression can assure implant success for patients who have had a history of compromised jawbone mass. Implants for this patient (live surgery) were placed on upper and lower jaws. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • NobelActive Implant System
    Less Bone Grafting A VERY GRAPHIC 4 minute video clip demonstrating the use of a unique dental implant device that auto compresses surrounding bone tissue as the implant is inserted. (Watch video of traditional bone expanders here). A shorter self-drilling implant, well suited for sinus cavity concerns or other site preparations where implant depth cannot be liberal. See use of traditional surgery guide, Perio Flap surgery (GRAPHIC), bone augmentation materials (bone grafts), suturing and temporary restoration placements for 2 maxillary teeth. Multimedia produced by Nobel Biocare.

  • NobelActive Drilling Comparison
    Less Invasive Site Preparation A short animation that demonstrates the drilling sequence protocol for traditional implants versus the NobelActiv implant device. Fewer drilling steps reduces surgical trauma and by virtue of the implant design, a tighter, autocompressive result is obtained. Multimedia produced by Nobel Biocare

  • NobelActive Anterior Implant Animation
    Anterior Tooth Example An animated representation of how an upper anterior extraction site can be prepared and treated with the NobelActive bone compressing implant hybrid. With its unique tip and thread design, the implant slices through bone unlike conventional self-tapping implants that scrape the bone away as they tap. By progressively condensing and repositioning bone as it is inserted, the implant can be “actively” placed at different angles for exceptional initial stability and optimal restorative orientation. Multimedia produced by Nobel Biocare

  • NobelActive Implant Repositioning
    Anterior Tooth Example Traditional implants scrape the surrounding jawbone material as the insertion progresses, changing the interior dimensions of the original pilot holes. If this type of implant requires a modification in direction or angulation, the implant becomes compromised and has a higher risk of failure. Watch a demo of how the bone compression features of the NobelActive device circumvents this event, creating a solid implant insertion despite making multiple changes in direction and angulation. Footage produced by Nobel Biocare

  • Oco Biomedical Compression Implant
    Osteocompressive Immediate Function Implant Another example of a specialized implant device that compresses bone structure as the implant device is inserted. Provides another solution for assuring higher degress of implant success in situations where bone density remains an issue after bone grafts have been used. Design characteristics establish the implant as an immediate function or immediate load implant that can complete the osseointegrative time period in days, rather than months. Video footage produced by OcoBiomedical. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy, Michigan

  • Implant Surgery Example: OcoBiomedical Compression Implant
    Osteocompressive Immediate Implant This short GRAPHIC video provides a sequence of still photography outlining the steps involved with preparing the lower jaw of an adult male long term denture wearer who now has insufficent bone and gum tissue to adequately support a denture comfortably. Ocobiomedical implants with a patented thread design that compresses bone tissue while being inserted are used. The immediate function implants are seated manually to specified torque settings and then fitted with attachment devices to accommodate a new denture prosthesis. Video sequences produced by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy, Michigan

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