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Affordable Functional Restorative Bridge Videos

  • IPS Ceramic - Metal Anterior Bridge Restoration Procedure
    Ivoclar Vivadent Porcelain Crowns Wide screen (HDV) presentation of proprietary bonding procedure and products for placement of Ivoclar Vivadent IPS Ceramic - Metal multi unit bridge and individual crowns. Procedure sequence begins subsequent to removal of temporary restorations. Watch uses and applications of etching products, IPS MultiLink bonding compounds and adhesives. Video sequences produced by Ivoclar Vivadent. Material provided through Dr. Corinne Scalzitti of Austin Texas

  • Cantilever Bridge Design for Maximum Number of Teeth
    Ivoclar Vivadent Porcelain Crowns A slide show presentation of how titanium bridgework and strategic placement of dental implants can provide a full arch of teeth despite above average bone loss. In situations where full mouth rehabilitation is the goal, a hybrid denture product is used for "opposing" a cantilever bridge for best bite dynamics.Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy, MI

  • Common Bridgework Problem: Lack of Gum Fit
    Bridge Gum Recession Unfortunately, many dentists place new dental bridgework too early. Because the underlying bone and gum tissue will begin resorption quickly, time should be alloted to let the gum tissue take up it's final resting place. A determination can then be made if an augmentation is needed. Only then, should the bridge be fabricated. Video footage provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS

  • Affordable Bridge turned Expensive
    Bad Bridge Bad Bone Rehab Some patients can be lucky to have a second chance of having "almost natural" teeth after a bridge failure. See how a posterior section of an upper arch is prepared to grow new bone and soft tissues that will accommodate new teeth after bone regeneration is completed. Recommended viewing for patients considering a new bridge. Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy Michigan

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