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FAQ:  Underbite

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Underbite - Class 3 Occlusion: I have had an underbite ever since I can remember.

My sister and my Mom and Dad don't have it but me and my brother do. My underbite is not extreme as the others. If I pull my jaw back I can touch my top and bottom front teeth but not the rest.

I am about a 6cm from having a nice smile. Its hard not being able to smile when every body else does. I'm 17 years old. I'am so close to having a good smile. Please any info is welcomed. ...Visitor from NJ

If I understand what you're describing your "underbite" is a Class 3 occlusion, where your lower front teeth are out in front of your upper teeth, the opposite of a more common class 1 occlusion.

The first place to turn is to a general - restorative dentist to help you determine your options. I would think that your options would include surgical treatment (orthognathic surgery), orthodontic treatment, a combination of both, or sometimes an "esthetic only" option with porcelain veneers.

Start by consulting with your current dentist to see what options they recommend or have recommended to you and your parents in the past.

Editorial Staff
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