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FAQ:  Swallowed Teeth

I swallowed a tooth last night. It was a supposedly a PERMANENT capped front tooth on a post. I knew it had been loose, but never dreamed it would come out. But now I don't really know what to do?? Can you help?

It sounds like you had a loose crown on a tooth that came off and went south. I assume you are not in pain and thus, may have a root canal on this tooth. It will not hurt you to go with out this cap for awhile, however, you should make an appointment to have a new crown made when you get the chance.

Don't worry about the crown you may have swollowed. It will make its way through. Usually, the main problem with this is if it is a cosmetic area (front tooth), or a sharp root remains and is bottering your tongue. At any rate, you should have a new crown made fairly soon. Good luck.

Editorial Staff

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