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Super Glue Teeth Repair?

Safe Repair Products

Untimely Breakage

Unfortunately, dentures, bridgework and partials can crack, break or lose a tooth at the most inconvenient times.

Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan
Many denture patients try their hand at home style repair work using the popular super or crazy glue products that are available everywhere.

Although quite handy for a repair, these industrial grade cement products could potentially cause toxins to enter the blood stream and may also cause unusual allergic reactions.

Use Approved Cements

Partials probably have a tendency to crack, break or otherwise fail more so than a regular denture. The design characteristics of a partial can cause failures to occur in specific areas of the prosthetic, as represented in the adjacent photo.

Do it yourself denture fix Natural biting forces and the long term aging of this partial caused failure in a predictable region. The patient's attempt to fix it with a super glue type product did a credible job of attaching the two sections of acrylic back together.

The characteristics of the cemented edges and specific location of the break caused the glue joint to function more as a bendable hinge. Note how the denture teeth flare outwards.

Moreover, the fragile nature of the overall repair prevented the patient from performing normal daily cleaning of the prosthetic. Contaminants and particulate matter can be seen to accumulate in several locations.

Super Glue Bridge Repair

Repairing a bridge
Dr. Ira Koeppel, Long Island NY
(East Setauket) New York
Super glue products don't work well for repairing bridges either.

As can be seen in the photo, this patient, a young female business executive with a busy schedule, took it upon her self to just use a crazy glue product to repair the anchor teeth that the bridge was mounted to.

Leakage and decay of cemented bridge anchor teeth can cause rapid deterioration of nearly any bridge product.

We can at least credit her with the creativity and ingenuity to perform a home repair... but wheh the bridge was finally removed (actually it just fell out) there was substantial evidence that the glue product leeched deep into her gum tissues.

The patient has since been successfully retreated with a rock solid implant supported fixed bridge.. no more cemented products.

Editorial Staff

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