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FAQ:  Speech Articulation Problems

Lisp after temporary veneer: I had my temporary veneers put on a couple of days ago and I have a VERY strong lisp that I hadn't had before.

I can't say my v's s' s f's or th's. I used to have very spaced small teeth and since those are all filled and larger I find myself literally not able to get air out of my mouth when I try to say my f's and such.

Will I eventually learn how to speak normally again or will this not fade away and require speech therapy to fix? Will my permanent veneers still give me the same problems? ...Visitor from Woodbridge

You need to discuss this with your dentist.

This should not be happening. Proper speech sounds require certain "space relationships" between the upper and lower teeth.

Be sure this corrected BEFORE you agree to placement of the permanent veneers, regardless of what your dentist says.

Once fabricated, porcelain veneers cannot be modified easily, if at all.

Editorial Staff

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