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FAQ:  Speech Articulation Problems

Why do I hiss in new dental reconstuction? I am going through dental reconstruction after a car accident (neck and jaw injury) and negligent dental care.

I am not sure my jaw and teeth have been restored to the correct position. I felt much better in a higher splint than this lower overclosed position.

I can't chew comfortably, have ringing ears, migraines, stiff at the base of the skull, dizziness and nausea. I also hiss and whistle when I speak. My crowns are in with temporary cement.

Why do I hiss and whistle? The only thing my dentist can do is verify that I have these problems and that "something is not quite right". ...Visitor from CA

You have multiple issues and yet they are all related.

The balance between your teeth, jaw and speech seems to be "off" according to your explanation.

It sounds like the key issue is speech because you say it is verifiable. "S" sounds are pronounced differently by different people but if you did not have trouble before the dental work then the answer may come from your origional diagnostic models.

The "S" sounds are a result of the length of your upper and lower teeth and the movement of your lower jaw when you speak. It is a coordinated effort and needs to be refined when new work is being completed.

Your dentist should be informed of your issues so he or she can take corrective action.

Editorial Staff

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