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FAQ:  Special Needs Dentistry

I have a sister (43) who has eplilepsy. Her seizures are basically controlled right now, but she does sometimes have Grand Mal or Clonic Tonic seizures. She smokes and doesn't have good dental hygiene. She is also on disability due to this, so no dental insurance.

She is having to have several teeth pulled. My question is, will she be able to use false teeth? Implants are out of the question, financially if nothing else. ...Visitor from TN

The short answer to your question is yes she will very likely be able to wear a denture if that is what is determined to be the best treatment for her. The epilepsy is not necessarily a contraindication for dentures it is just a complicating factor.

But... She will have to make up her mind that this will work. If not then she will continually have problems adapting to the denture. If she makes up her mind that she will make it work then she will be in better shape.

I have seen some patients who never adapted to the dentures.I am treating one woman now that has 14 sets of dentures. The problem is not with the dentures. That said ... If there is anything she can do to keep her teeth, my experience is that she will be much much better off in the long run with her natural teeth.

Editorial Staff

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