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FAQ:  Special Needs Dentistry

My brother suffers with cerbral palsey and the use of a papoose is needed for dental work as a result of his condition.

Can you tell me what that is and where can I see a picture of it? ...Visitor from NY

I am sorry to hear about your brother having Cerebral Palsy, with his condition he may be making unwanted movements involentarly. This would cause a potential hazzard during any operation and with the fine percision work that is needed in dentistry, because the area being worked on is not stable.

A papoose board is some thing that straps around a person and restricts their movements from head to the toe. It gets it's name from how the American Indians, who would carry their young in a tight sack strapped to their chest. It is also similar to the board in what may be seen at a car accident when the paramedics are removeing the person from a car with a possible fractured neck.

Although this may seem harsh, I assure you that the potential of a harmful accident is being avoided.

Editorial Staff

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