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FAQ:  Soft Teeth

My Grandmother, Mother and Sister have all had to have their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. It seems we all have some sort of genetic condition that makes our teeth very soft. They break in half, fall out, crack and otherwise cause alot of problems.

The problem is that I listened to a Dentist that I have been going to for ten years. I have put so much money into my mouth only to have everything fall apart and my Dentist tell me that he will not pull my teeth for dentures! That it will ruin my facial structure and so-on. This is the same dentist who put a cap in my mouth that wouldnt stay. He had to recement it back in several times and each time he had to (for lack of a better word) sand my tooth down before he could recement.

He has now sanded my tooth down so much that he can't put my cap back on..... The same dentist who put a white filling over a silver filling on a tooth that just fell out this morning. I need to know what you would recommend that I do. Any advice would be greatly appriciated. Jodi in MI

Boy, tough question. There are few conditions that would cause you to have weak teeth. Your dentist is definitely on your side in terms of trying to keep what god gave you, however I would need to see your mouth before I can give you some answers. You should not spend money on treatment that is not going to last you a minimum of ten years. I would need to see your latest x-rays and evaluate your teeth before I could give you an opinion. Feel free to email me so I could answer your questions with more detail.

Editorial Staff

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