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Patients seeking sedation services while undergoing dental treatments are monitored with a variety of monitoring devices, depending on the types and levels of sedation used.

Monitoring Equipment Examples

One of the most popular devices is the pulse oximeter which is usually paired with blood pressure monitoring devices, assuring the comfort and safety wanted by sedation patients.

The pulse oximeter typically has a fingertip sensor device that enables effortless and convenient monitoring on the patient's pulse rate (basic vital sign).

Two different types of oximeters are pictured here.

Some devices have roll around stands, some are desk top units while others have a compact design that can be conveniently placed anywhere that is most comfortable for the patient and the dental team.

Advanced Monitoring Equipment

Some practices provide hospital grade EKG monitoring that enables dentists to administer nearly any degree of sedation needed by the patient to have a comfortable treatment session.

EKG Monitor EKG monitors such as the example pictured here provide, in addition to digital read-outs of vital sign data, generate an oscilloscope representation of respiratory data.

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