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I am extremely fearful getting my wisdom teeth extracted. I am supposed to have 6 teeth pulled under local anesthetic(4 wisdom teeth and two molars). Two of the wisdom teeth are horizontaly impacted. My biggest consern is that I have a condition called mitral valve prolapse, which makes my heart skip beats.

Would it be better for me to be put under (to sleep) durring the sugery? I dont want any complications with my heart during the sugery, and although MVP is not life threatening, I am concerned that I will be so nervous that something might go wrong. What should I do? Also, is it wise to have 6 teeth extracted during the same visit? ...Visitor from CA

Mitral Valve Prolapse means that the heart valve is folding back on itself after closing. This condition should not be creating a missed heart beat or any loss of heart function.

What needs to be determined is if the blood is also flowing back into the heart chamber after it closes. This is called reguritation, and can be diagnosed with an echocardiagram. If you have MVP with reguritation then you need to take antibiotics before a dental procedure which may cause bleeding (cleanings, root canal treatment,extractions, biopsy, surgery, etc.).

If your heart is skipping a beat the medicine used to put you to sleep will not effect the heart in any negative way, it would evenout the heart beats and the heart will be more efficient while you are asleep.

From the sound of the impactions it would be best to be put to sleep for them and doing all at the same time will be best in that situation so that there is only one surgery and one healing phase.

Editorial Staff

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