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Today I had an appointment for sleep sedation dentistry. I had been through this before with a former dentist. I had been told by that dentist that it normally took 4-5 tablets to be able to perform the needed work. The new dentist was aware from me what my former dentist had told me and my fears. When they had me come 2 days prior to make the payment arrangements and do vitals I asked if he had a limit on administering the Triazolam with my former saying it took 4 to 5 tables. I was assured that would not be a problem. This was not the case. After taking the day off (so missed time) finding a driver and after 3 tablets he was ready to work. I however was still very much aware and awake. He went to pick up the needle to start injecting and I told him that wait I am not under yet! That I had not recalled getting the injections from my previous dentists so I was sure now why I needed the 4 to 5 tablets. I asked to be given one more and he refused. Told his assistant to call my ride and that was that. I got to the car and basically was out for the rest of the day. Question: how much does it usually take to have a patient under? I guess I would pretty much say that I need to find another dentist. Which is sad, being as I was begining to build a trust with this dentist and to come away feeling that I was lied to about the lack of willingness to sedate the patient as needed and his atittude that he had other patients so out the door I go. Which in working in the medical profession if we start with a patient we are typically obligated to finish with the patient. I guess that does not hold true in the dental profession. I did leave with a prescription for an antibiotic and a pain killer I guess to hold me over till I can find someone who cares about the patient. ...Visitor from CA

It sounds to me like you either need to talk with the dentist again about the experience you had and reach a comfortable place for both of you or you need to seek another dentist who has a different understanding of how the medication works.

If I were as uncomfortable as you seem to be having dentistry done I would want to have my dentistry done in a way to give me a positive experience again.

One thing that you need to know is that it is possible that your body could develop a resistance to the medication and then you may need differing amounts. That is not a good place to be in. So if possible I would want to use it part of the time when it is needed. You and the dentist can decide together what that amount will be for you.

Editorial Staff

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