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Hello, I'm a 43 yr old female. I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in early 96. My health has improved quite a bit since then but I am still very sensitive to many common use products.

I have heard there is a lab in CO or UT that tests a patients blood to see what meds and composites can be used without an allergic reaction. Have you any information? I have mercury fillings from the 60's that are worn down and desparately need replacement. And last but never least! I have dental phobia...sorry...Is there anyone who can help me?

I want to have all my old fillings removed (12 or 13) and replaced with something much better. This is the year for me to move forward with improved dental health and hopefully physical health as well...Thank you for being here your expertise is greatly appreciated by myself and others! ...Visitor from CA

I am not familiar with the specific lab. you are requesting for the material sensitivity. I would check this question out with an allergist (MD) and maybe they can inform you of this.

As far as the dentistry goes, I do know that it is quite rare to have allergic reactions to the composite fillings we are placing today. I'm sure anything is possible but I have never experienced an allergic reaction to the fillings that I place. On that same note, I have never seen anyone have a true allergy to the silver filling materials that have been used for many years.

I have seen problems to nickel inside of crowns. This is why we use high noble golds. As for the fear of dentistry you have, I would seek out a DOCS certified sedation dentist in your area to help you. Using conscious sedations will allow you to reduce or eliminate all fears while getting treatment. I hope this has helped.

Editorial Staff

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