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Tooth Enamel Issues

Conserving and Maintaining Healthy Tooth Enamel

The hardest substance in the human body, tooth enamel is an amazing living tissue that can endure a lifetime for many people.

Unfortunately, we are probably all remiss, at times, to devote the attention and care to one of our physical features that most people notice first.... our smiles.

Some events are not easily controllable or influenced without the intervention of a dentist. Congenital factors that affect the development of enamel, medication histories that interfere with the development of enamel during early childhood years (tetracycline damage), effects of chemotherapy meds, xerostomia (dry mouth) are conditions that require "being overcome" in terms of creating a text book version of an attractive smile that is defined differently for everyone.

Perhaps more devastating is the result that "accrues" to negligence that many of us have. Not brushing - flossing like we should, failing to control what we eat and chew, delaying certain treatments that shouldn't be delayed, choosing extraction over treatment, not following treatment follow up recommendations given to us by our dentists and, for the "adult and older" group.... the failure to acknowledge the statistically common event of developing different flavors of gum disease... from mild to totally destructive.

Wear and Tear Erosion Factors

Listed below are topics of interest for patients focused on protecting enamel and what can be done to conserve what's left or replace it entirely:

  1. Thinning - Causes and Prevention

  2. Demineralization - Process and Treatment

  3. Dry Mouth - Xerostomia - Meth Mouth

  4. Cause - Effect - Treatment Outline

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