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My son is nine years old. He had his first dental appointment last week. The dentist informed me that he only has three lower incosors in the front bottom. I had never noticed this before, not even with his milk teeth.

They gave his x-ray and saw no tooth in his gum. Asked me if it was heriditary. Not that I know of. My question is, what would cause this tooth not to grow and is this a relatively common condition? Should I be worried? ...Visitor from GA

Hi and thank you for the question. There are a few reasons that your children's teeth have decayed. First, kids mouths are a lot more acidic than adults. This means that their saliva is more acidic which will make them more prone to cavities.

Once they reach puberty, this will change and you will see that they will not have many or any decay. Sometimes, when teeth are developing, the enamel does not form or calcify to completion.

Now, without radiographs, I can not give a definite diagnosis; but feel that both of them probably had the same scenerio occur. Now that you are on top of the situation, make sure that you not only brush; but floss as well. I hope this has helped.

Editorial Staff

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