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My 8 year old son has an abcessed molar (Baby tooth). The dentist said he needed to have a root canal done. I am refusing the root canal, due to the fact that he will lose this tooth soon, and can't seeing paying that kind of money.

They made me sign a "refusal of treatment" paper, and then proceeded to tell me that if the infection comes back, it can drain into my sons heart, with a fatal result. I am opting to have to tooth pulled, do you think this is the right decision?

Stephanie, Hi and thank you for the question. Whenever a tooth is abcessed,a primary/baby tooth, the best option is to have the tooth extracted/removed because the abcess will continue to reappear even if the tooth has a pulpotomy.

So, you are making a wise decision in removing the tooth. There are certain instances when doing a pulpectomy is done rather than taking the tooth out. In this case, you have made the right decision. (I'm basing this answer on the fact that there is an abcess present) I hope this has helped.

Editorial Staff

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