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My 6 year old has 2 small cavities on the sides of his molars (baby teeth). The dentist says that he will use an airbrush and no pain medication is needed because they are so small. He will use a white bonding composite to fill them.

I would like to get a second opinion but am afraid to wait for fear that the cavities will get larger and pain meds will be needed. It has been one month already (Immediate family member got sick and died so we didn't get back for the cavity.) The soonest I can get into a recommended dentist is in 5 more weeks.

I have never heard of such a small cavity being filled before. Does this sound plausible? Should I request that a certain type of composite be used or not used? ...Chrystal in CA

Chrystal, cavities on the side of the tooth or on the buccal/facial surface will not increase in size that fast. Cavities that are between the teeth do increase in size quickly. Don't worry about the 5 weeks. The procedure will not change and it is a very easy treatment. The use of novocaine/lidocaine is not needed and a composite restoration/tooth colored filling will be great. Not to worry, it will all go well.

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