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My sons are 12 and 10 and have lost only 7 and 9 of their primary teeth respectively. We have recently relocated and our new dentist wants to start extracting the remaining primary teeth so as to encourage the permanent teeth, which according to the X-ray pictures, are formed and some are crooked, he says, because they cannot break though.

My children's milk teeth are perfectly healthy, if anything, somewhat worn down, but without fillings and they have never had treatment. Is it really necessary to extract healthy primary teeth in order to let the permanent teeth through? The dentist thinks that a child of 12 should have most of his/her permanent teeth and that we shouldn't be patient any longer. ...Helen in Koenigswinter, Germany

Helen, first, without the radiographs/x-rays, it is hard to answer; but I will do my best. Typically, children will lose there primary/baby teeth by the time they are 13 years of age (This is an average).

What we do not want to happen is to have the permanent teeth lose their eruptive force and not come in on their own. Again, without the x-rays, this is hard to say. The primary teeth usually will come out on there own. I would keep in contact with your dentist and watch your oldest son's teeth with them.

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