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My daughter is 9 and is terrified of dentists. She has 3 cavities/baby teeth that need to be removed. One dentist attempted to sedate her with novacaine which ended in a terrible experience for her. Still not sure if her mouth was dead before extracting one of the teeth.

The last dentist she saw (65 miles from our home) attempted to sedate her with nitrous oxide without success. She suggested possibly taking her to an oral surgeon with cost of $2000-4000. Can you offer any suggestions on our next step? ...Brad

Brad, I would call around to all of the pediatric dentists in the area and see which one/ones will give oral sedatives. Usually with oral sedatives and the use of nitrous oxide, you can accomplish the extractions without bothering her.

If you use Versed (midazolam), she will get an amnesiac effect and will not remember the procedure. Also, since she is 9, there is a good chance that the baby teeth that are being extracted have already resorbed. (the roots are smaller because the permanent teeth are moving up)

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