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My daughter is eleven months old and recently cut her first tooth-- the upper left incisor. Now it looks like the other top tooth is coming in, but it appears as if there will be a wide gap between those teeth. From the day she was born, her upper gums looked "funny" to me, although her pediatrician told me it was normal.

I've never seen another baby with a "ridge" through the midline of her top gums. She is otherwise "normal" and doesn't have any other midine "deformities". Is this something to be concerned about? Can a very wide gap correct itself? I know they are just baby teeth, but I am wondering if it could be indicative of future orthodontic problems. Are a baby's top gums usually/supposed to be flat all the way across?

First, space in the primary/baby dentition is good. The reason is the permanent teeth are much bigger than the primary teeth and they will need more space. So, do not worry about the excess space.

If you notice a piece of tissue that is between the top 2 teeth and it rests low on the ridge, that is the frenum. This tissue can and will be removed when your child is older. This tissue causes some of the space between the 2 teeth. Once the tissue is removed, some of the space will close.

At this time, do not worry about this, this is more FYI. Also, this space can correct itself once the tissue is removed and the permanent teeth erupt. I hope this has helped.

Editorial Staff

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