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5 year old molars crumbling: My child regularly cleans his teeth yet in the last dentist visit we were told that his molars are crumbling.

The dentist advised me to clean for longer and bring him back in six months. I have another child and we have the same cleaning regime, same diet and her teeth were fine.

Could this be some kind of vitamin deficiency? For the last month we have been giving him Vitamin D and Calcium supplements. ...Visitor from London

Given that, based on your report, diet and hygiene practices are identical for your children, an observable difference in tooth wear characteristics is likely related to a "unique" individual difference.

The best resource for researching "unknown individual differences" is a Periodontist. There could be a nutritional deficit or developmental issue involved.

Another possibility would be any impact the affected child had during younger years when medications were being provided. Some medications can interfere or interrupt developmental events which affect normal tooth growth.

From another perspective, there could be a bruxing issue. Molars create the most extreme biting pressures. For issues of "bite dynamics.... a Prosthodontist (15+ years experience) would be the best source for information.

Editorial Staff

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