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I have always brushed 2 times a day and flossed. 3 years ago, I started having severe pain in my back molars. I had root canals done on my right and left side (top and bottom), later had crowns, then had re-treatments because they didn't seem to work. I had all back four molars then pulled (not wisdom teeth) at different times. After $7,000.00 it's still happening. Tooth # 18 now, has been retreated 2 times, and surgery to complete the root canal has been done but to no avail. Question: Could this be TMJ or do I have some sort of degenerative problem? Should I get the tooth pulled? ...Visitor from UT

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. This is very difficult for you and your doctors. Sometimes the pain is felt as coming from the tooth when in fact it is not. It is called phantom tooth pain or neuropathic pain.

I suggest you see a pain specialist to render a diagnosis. Approximately two thirds of patients with neuropathic orofacial pain subsequently develop a TMD.

Editorial Staff

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