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FAQ:  Pain: Teeth - Molars

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I have had a back tooth filled several times and pain still exists. It was first filled in 2002 and due to a pinhole in the filling the filling was replaced in 2007.

After this filling, I started having sharp pains whenever I bit down on that side. Even something as small as a grain of salt caused me to scream! I went back in 2009 and it was refilled yet again.

My dentist said its not nerve damage although it feels as if someone is flicking the nerve! To this day, I still cannot eat on the right side of my mouth and this is causing my left teeth to feel weak.

I have not been back because I don't feel I would get the answers I need. ...Visitor from NC

Each time a tooth is refilled, additional healthy tooth structure is removed, to assure a contaminant free filling surface.

A common "re-treatment" problem is the likelihood that the root and/or nerve structure has been encroached upon. Internal fractures or fissures typically can't be seen through routine dental xrays.

It is quite possible that the slightest amount of bite pressure is causing an internal crack to flex and excite the tooth nerve.

A technology that does a supreme job of assessing any and all unusual occlusal or bite events is the Tekscan.


If possible, find a dentist who has access to this technology if your problems aren't resolved.

Editorial Staff

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