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FAQ:  Pain: Teeth - Molars

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Pain - Molars Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Gum or Molar Nerve Pain? I just had a first molar extracted because it was fractured and causing pain when I would chew.

When the oral surgeon injected the anesthetic my sinus on that side immediately became clear and open. As soon as the anesthesia wore off the bulging feeling in the nose right above the gumline came back.

I've had it for about 9 months, ever since the dentist took out the old silver fillings and replaced them with white ones. That's the same time that I started having pain with chewing.

Do you know if this bulging, throbbing pain in my nose could be related to a nerve in the gum area? ... Visitor from MO

I assume it was an upper tooth. Your nose is a long way from a back molar.

The gumline by the molar is very different in its innervation (nerve supply) from your nose. See your dentist, your oral surgeon and I am sure they can evaluate you and treat you.

The issue of tooth colored versus silver fillings and subsequent pain and fullness could be do to placement technique of the composite fillings. If they are too large and placed in too great a bulk, the polymerization shrinkage or setting of the composite can cause pain or cuspal fracture.

Ask your dentist or get a second opinion to see if these fillings are done well and are symptomatic. Have the bite checked to see if they are high and if needed, replace them to see if they can calm down if all of the above are done.

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