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FAQ:  Pain: Teeth - Molars

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Molar Pain: I had pain in one of my teeth, so I went to a dentist. He said it was a rear molar, and that it was due to a leaky filling, which he replaced. Pain continued.

He then said I needed a cleaning, so I had a cleaning. Pain continued. Finally he did a root canal, which he did in under 15 minutes. Pain continued.

I was referred to an endodontist. The endodontist re-did the root canal, removing nerves that had been left by the first dentist. Now the pain has become intense and unbearable. But the pain continues.

The pain I am feeling now spreads from the middle of my lower teeth to my ear. What could be the problem and more important, what is the solution? ...Visitor from FL

Without seeing you or your x-rays, an over the computer diagnosis is only, at best, a guess.

You may indeed have had numerous dental needs (leaking filling plus inflamed gums) that were unrelated to your discomfort. That you got over to a specialist in this case was a good thing. I suspect that the root canal tooth is grossly misbehaving as a result of the therapy. This is not terribly uncommon.

I would contact the endodontist ASAP, describe your symptoms and let them take it from there. I would not be surprised if antibiotics were recommended to get the tooth out of trouble.

It is also possible that you have an additional tooth that needs root canal treatment and the endodontist should be able to evaluate your pain and resolve your issues.

Editorial Staff

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