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FAQ:  Orthognathic Surgery

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Orthognathic Treatment Alternative

Surgery for Underbite? I am 19 yrs old and I just hate my underbite.

Is undergoing surgery my only option to fix my jaw? I hate looking at myself in the mirror because of my underbite. ... Visitor from CA

This is such a serious question and it depends on the amount of the difference in size between youe upper and lower jaw.

Bone size and the proportion between your skull and your lower jaw are also very important factors. Sometimes the upper jaw is too far back and the lower jaw is OK. Other times the lower jaw is too far forward and the upper is OK. Sometimes both jaws are not in the right place.

It is all in the diagnosis and the measuring after x-rays and an exam are complete. There is a consultation between your dentist, the orthodontist and the surgeon which is necessary to coordinate the level of care that each doctor is actually going to give. The timing of such care is also really critical.

Editorial Staff

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