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FAQ:  Orthognathic Surgery

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Pain related to maxiofacial surgery: In 1983 I had a malocllusion. I had just joined the Navy and while in boot camp I was sent over to the dental hospital for evaluation. They concluded that my jaw could be aligned properly. Being that it was a $20,000.00 surgery and performed free of charge thanks to milatary service, it seemed like a good idea.

The surgery was quite invasive. It involved both upper and lower mandibals. My lower jaw was shortend and my upper jaw widened. After the surgery and since I have had problems. Mostly involving the right side of my head. My right ear has constant pressure all the time.

What has worked is Oxycotin for the pain. But with all the bad press and phobias to narcotics in society it is not easy to deal with. What options do I have to get this problem taken care of for good? ... Visitor from NC

The surgery that you describe is called Orthognathic Surgery. This is when the jaws are moved after breaking the bones and than reset in a more favorable postion.

As with any surgeries there are risks of complication. In this case the discomfort may be originating from the bone, the muscles or the nerves.

A full examination is necessary to determine your individual concern. Then the proper treatment can be rendered. I would suggest that you see a Facial pain doctor, an orthodontist, physical therapist, possibily a TMJ dentist and an Oral surgeon.

Editorial Staff

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