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Orthodontics Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Class III Occlusion: 10 year old female with class III occlusion.

We have been to 2 different orthodontists and have received 2 totally different treatment plans.

One has suggested braces with headgear. This would slow her bottom jaw from growing and encourage the top jaw. The other has suggested a Franklin Device. It is a retainer that would do the same thing.

Would it be best to go with the braces since they will take less time or the Franklin device? ....Visitor from NC

First of all without x-rays, models and a clinical exam, I am not in a position to render an opinion.

I would assume you are referring to a Frankl appliance not Franklin. Either way, a class III means the lower jaw is growing faster than the upper.

Usually orthodontists will expand the upper arch and bring it forward with a reverse pull face mask which is a type of headgear.

I would suggest you go to each orthodontist again, discuss what the other has told you and ask them to explain the differences between the treatment they recommended and that of the other dentist.

That way, they can show you x-rays, explain their thought processes and you can decide based on their discussions which you feel better about. It would be good also to ask friends, neighbors, etc. for opinions about these orthodontists.

If need be you can ask for patients that have undergone this treatment in their practices. You could also ask to see their before and after photos or call them for their opinion regarding their care. Then you can make an informed decision. Hope this helps.

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