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Orthodontics and Lockjaw: My daughter is thirteen years old and wears braces. She had them tightened about 2 days ago. She yawned and her jaw got stuck then it snapped back in a couple of seconds. This really scared her and she says it keeps snapping and its painful. Enough to make her cry. What can I do to help her? Is this a serious problem? What causes this? ....Visitor from CA

A locked jaw can be painfull and intimidating. Here are some guidelines for TMJ care:
  • Never open your mouth more than 2 1/2 finger widths
  • Take tylenol or advil (consult with physician first)
  • Place hot towels over the jaw joint for as long as you can stand it
  • Keep your teeth apart. The teeth should only touch for chewing and swallowing
  • No gum chewing!!!
Editorial Staff

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