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FAQ:  Open Bite

Can any open bite problem be corrected with out surgery at the age of 20? Should I have my wisdom teeth removed or not? ...Visitor from NJ

An open bite can be corrected non-surgically in many cases with orthodontic treatment or with cosmetic dentistry alone sometimes to achieve an esthetic change.

Every case is different.

Seek a consultation with an orthodontist who treats many adults. If having orthodontic appliances (braces) is not something that you'd be willing to consider, then perhaps a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist can determine whether a satisfactory result could be done with restorative, cosmetic (veneers...) treatment alone.

As far as 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) are concerned, in my opinion if they are not properly erupted and in function (aligned well and easy to floss and clean) or fully below the bone and not impinging on the adjacent 2nd molars (12 year molars) then removal should be considered when one is young and healthy.

Editorial Staff
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