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FAQ:  Open Bite

Open Bite treatment with Surgery? I have an open bite, and recently had a tongue crib placed into my mouth to prevent my tongue from touching my top row of teeth.

I am 24 years old and work in a career where I speak in public constantly. I had a minor lisp before, which I was comfortable with. Now I have a very noticeable lisp, which makes it very embarassing to talk.

Are there any alternatives, such as a retainer-like device I could wear when I am not speaking or eating? Is this my only option? I want to avoid surgery at all costs, due to all the problems that may occur. ...Visitor from CA

Open bites and lisps are a problem.

The key element is that the form of your teeth affect the function of your speech. If the form can be corrected without surgery then your speech problems could be resolved over time.

It is all a matter of the degree of open bite and your individual characteristics during speech. Sometimes braces and surgery are the best options.

However, you may still be able to have levels of improvement with non surgical treatment. You need to be observed and evaluated.

Editorial Staff

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